Shipping (part 1)

If items are lost in transit, we are not responsible for replacing them. Once packages leave our hands and are dropped off at a shipping facility we are not responsible for what happens to them. We recommend upgrading shipping and adding insurance whenever possible to ensure that packages arrive or are covered in the unfortunate event of a shipping issue.

If a customer wishes to return their item or request a refund, it must be processed after they have received their item(s) and cannot be issued within the 8-10 business day packing time or during shipping time, however long it may be. The customer is responsible for return postage. A small restocking fee will also be deducted from the final refund total, in order to account for item sterilization and logging.


Every customer receives an email with USPS tracking information. is able to view when each package was delivered. If the product was delivered on Friday at 2 PM, as timestamped by USPS, the customer has 72 hours to report any defective items. If notice of damage/defective item(s) are not sent to by Monday at 2 PM then the claim is no longer valid under the Return policy.

Shipping (part 2)

All orders are shipped within 4 business days, unless otherwise noted in the item description. Customers are held responsible for reading the descriptions of each item. Exceptions will not be made. The 4 business day turnaround time does not include shipping time, which may vary based on circumstance, political climate, postal worker availability, etc. By purchasing items, the customer is aware that, as well as all associated employees of are not to be held responsible for the return or refund of orders that have been shipped within or prior to the stated shipping time frame.


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