Whether you're the kind of person who wears earrings everyday or not, we all know that traditional butterfly earring posts can be incredibly annoying. One wrong move and you'll find yourself painfully poking your ears with them! You may have even thought at some point: why do I wear these if they just hurt? Well worry no more - there is a solution to this issue that will make enjoying your beloved jewelry comfortable once again. There's no better option than flat back earrings if you're looking for effortless all-day comfort. In addition, they are a must have when it comes to labret piercings and many types of cartilage piercings.

If you want to avoid the discomfort of sleeping with traditional earrings, one straightforward solution is taking them out at night. However, this only increases your chances of misplacing an earring - which explains why almost everyone has a box full of single earrings! On top of that, butterfly backs often slip off when they get tangled in clothing or hair. The best option? A pair of flat back earrings - these have much less chance for loss and won't snag onto fabrics as easily.

If you have delicate skin or suffer from allergies, flat back earrings are your perfect companion. Unlike the traditional butterfly design which rubs against the back of your ears all day and can cause irritation, redness and itchiness; flat-back earrings don't fit tightly to allow moisture buildup nor do they provide a breeding ground for microbes.

Regardless of your skin type, wearing traditional earrings in conjunction with headwear can be frustratingly uncomfortable. Ever tried putting on a helmet or over-ear headset while having butterfly backs attached to your ears? Not a pleasant experience! But if you opt for flat back earrings instead, the discomfort is practically nonexistent.


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