We LOVE flat back studs and we are sure that you do too! They are amazing for so many different reasons but we get it, it sometimes can be difficult to insert the back piece through your piercing from behind.

Introducing our Flat Back Earring Applicator!

A flat back earring applicator is a device that makes it easy to apply earrings with a flat back. This type of applicator features a compact, slim design that allows you to easily place your favorite earrings on your ears. It works by inserting the applicator through the front of your piercing and then attaching the back of the flat back. Then, reverse the applicator out through the front and voila, you can now easily attach your front piece!  This makes it easy to apply earrings with precision and accuracy, so you can create perfect looks every time. Plus, its small size makes it ideal for keeping in your purse or pocket for on-the-go styling. With a flat back earring applicator, you can easily switch out your style!


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